Poor sales training or just different business model?

Many sales triners preach literary how sales methodology can be applied everywhere, literary again. Is it so? If you go to buy a pen in the store, should the sales person use sales methodology? Why don’t they do it? Poor training, lack of professionalism or just different business model?

If you go to a supermarket, the employees there are not there to sell, but to assist you and to take care of the good statement of the goods they are responsible for. This is different from selling. The business model of most supermarkets doesn’t require sales methodology application in the way the sale trainers see it. The consumers should find their way around.

In these business models, the employees should not even go to another part of the store to show where you can find the product you are looking for. They are trained to send you with an explanation, not to accompany you or making personal shopping with you. They cannot leave their sector.

Being a sales person and trainer myself, I do advocate a good sales preparation before meetings and using a simple but decent sales methodology. You have enough on the market to chose from. To be client oriented and to sell however are two different things. The hard (using methodology) and soft skills (observation, business etiquette, body language etc), are two sides of one coin.

Often, soft skills are underestimated and taken for granted. Many trainers forget that they have to be trained as well or often hear that the time is too short to include them in the sessions as separate topics.

As we know one size doesn’t fit all. So I wish in 2018 more sales trainers to take the various business models and soft skills into consideration and tailor the needs of their clients.


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