Business Etiquette on another level

Last year I was asked to make an e-learning course on business etiquette based on my practical workshop “Business Etiquette Experience”. In the very beginning I was a bit sceptical as it is an experience (people had group exercises and at the end of the day they had a three course menu to practice the new information).  After all I have decided to do it. The reason that triggered me was a personal experience with potential partners who were so rude and full of themselves that helped me actually to realise that business etiquette as one of the essential business skills is needed more than ever.

“I am who I am and this is how you should accept me” is great but it doesn’t mean we have to tolerate rudeness and arrogance and above all – excuse it. Being polite but honest is a skill which is getting closer to an art. Before it was a must, now it is a luxury. From business perspective it is a necessity as it signs more deals. Because people do business with people they like.

E-learning is a great tool this knowledge to reach more people. And being honest – I take it as a mission. That’s why in 2017  I will be glad to present my first e-learning project “Business Etiquette Experience” made with the cooperation with MOBY2 as a digital producer. And there will be more courses on this topic. I am glad we work with technology that allows the people to experience  business etiquette in an interactive manner. And yes, it is possible. Two years ago I was still sceptical about it. Not anymore. The guys from MOBY2 showed me how many things can be done in order a content to be interactive and entertaining.

In this way I can help many people to be more successful in their business and career with simple knowledge on business etiquette. Online. See you there.

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